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I am not in favor of registration in any form. I am a United States Citizen who has first, a God given right to protect myself and my family, and secondly a constitutional right to own a gun. There is nothing in the constitution that says I have to admit to owning it. IMO, the less someone knows what I own, the closer I am to being able to effectively protect my family and exercize my right to protect myself from an enemy here or abroad. Once someone knows what I own, they have the ability (whether legally or not) to know when they have confiscated all of my weapons. Simply put, I don't like that.

Our society is based upon "innocent until proven guilty". Although it has pros and cons, it "IS" our culture and legal right. Not a privelidge like driving a car,........... but a right. I see that as a huge difference.

I don't buy into the "why is it a problem if you have nothing to hide" arguement. Rather, I feel it is my right to say "why is it a problem with what I own when I have done nothing wrong?".
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