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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
Thats all well and good. In no way shape or form am I suggesting the government take those rights away, i'm simply suggesting harsher penalties for gun owners to face when their gun is used illegally or unsafely (ie if you carelessly allow your gun to get stolen and a theif robs a bank with it you should be held responsible in some fashion for carelssly storing your gun).

I am suggesting also that those who exercise their right to own a gun, which is a tool that is capable of great damage and the taking of lives, be encouraged since they should have nothing to hide, to register that gun, and take some "REASONABLE" amount of gun safety, refresher, etc certifications similar to that of a cpl or concealed or whatever you want to call it course on a semi regular basis.

We don't allow people to fly planes, drive cars, or even operate boats without some sort of license. Why is it so hard to keep the ability to own whatever gun we want, but be able to prove we have the mental capacity and level headedness to own and operate it safely?

This is the part that I think needs to be targeted more BEFORE taking away rights.

An owner of a gun needs to be held responsible for what it is used for.

After dealing with the So Called Professionals in both of these fields....I don't consider them qualified to judge the rational of the public, nor are they the best teachers. I would much prefer to learn gun safety and maintenance from a retired Service man or someone who has spent his life hunting for food, then someone who spent 7 years at UofM learning theory.
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