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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
And I'm sick of the "black and white" crowd that will dig in and refuse to budge at all because of some ill-advised promise or pledge they made to get themselves elected, even if it means driving the economy into the ditch.
The pledge isn't what is driving the economy into the ditch, the insane spending is. The pledge is a promise made to voters like me who actually want fiscal responsibility back in government. I understand that liberals don't understand promises, or the benefit in keeping them, but how is it bad to actually do what you promise?

A great example of the spending is the Hurricane Sandy relief bill that is in excess of 60 billion dollars. Barely half goes to actual victims of Hurricane Sandy. Some goes to Guantanamo Bay, some to Alaska, some to NASA,,,, If you need money for these other causes, ask for it, don't hide it inside of something that is emotionally charged knowing that the media will strictly report that the horrible don't care about New York and New Jersey.

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