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Wasn't this attached?
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Ok hold on a second. We are getting ahead of ourselves. I was busting your balls, but not because you were breaking the law.

In the area you were in, if you were on ORV Routes, then you were NOT breaking the law. There are some areas of the state that put out Directors Orders to close the trail to wheeled traffic, but that hasn't happened in the St. Helen area so you can relax there.

What I was busting your balls about was the fact that the sled guys have a much shorter season to play than we do so why screw up their trails? Now when you consider snow isn't that deep up there right now anyway, you likely didn't damage a thing, but you should still try to avoid those trails as much as possible just to avoid any issues. One could argue we (fullsize users) have just as much right to those trails as the sleds do, but that's not the point. It's about not getting into a pissing match, which has happened many times before because the sled guys get very bent out of shape when their fancy groomed trails get messed up by a wheel vehicle. Now with all that said, if you have to run down a section of ORV Route which is a shared sled trail, to get to your next section of trail, then feel free but there is just no reason to run those trails any more than needed when there are countless forest roads and such to explore and are way more fun for our use.

I actually cover a few small sections of sled trail during my run at Snofari, but that is only to connect a few other sections and it's really less than a mile total broken up into a few different sections. Don't be afraid to explore in the area you were in either. You may get a little lost, but if you stay on a trail you'll always eventually come out to a road. It's pretty hard to get hopelessly lost in that area, especially if you have a GPS that will point you back to civilization. Another option is tagging along with someone who knows the area. I go up there quite often and you're more than welcome to come along if you'd like.
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