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Originally Posted by BlooMule View Post
Well, doesn't the Christian have to live his life according to God's laws and repent for his sins to gain the key to the kingdom?
The Key to the Kingdom is Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ only. "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through me".

Out of an understanding of what Christ did for the believer (and all of us) said believer should be willing to try and live a life according to what Jesus taught. Mostly that is to Glorify God by loving people in a way that is also pleasing to God.

I see it like this. Alot of other religions have rules and regulation you have to follow. You have a list of bad things, a list of good things. In certain religions you can do things (animal Sacrifice for instance) to remove the bad things. Some religions you can't. Either way, you have to work for salvation This applies to the Jewish tradition or the OT laws.

Christianity is the fulfillment of that law. There is still a list of good and bad things but Christ takes that list for him self and gives us his list. Which was perfect. So in Christianity the bearer of the work is Christ. There is no reason to keep track of a list of good or bad (sins). It's all forgiven.

Out of that understanding comes the idea that we should live a life worthy of what Christ has done for us. Romans 6 does a pretty good job of explaining why we Shouldn't live in sin anymore. It doesn't mean we are perfect but we should strive to be 'slaves of Righteousness'. Righteousness meaning "In a right stance with God".

LIke I said, from my understanding, not many other religions offer such a deal.
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