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This thing is driving me nuts.....every since i have had it it has had a warm start issue.

What it does:

-starts fine cold
- runs fine all temps
- starts fine when warm if shut off then immediately restarted
- if the engine is warm and you shut it off then let it set for more than a minute or so it will start, but unless you pump the gas or hold it 3/4 throttle or so for a few seconds it will start to sputter then die like its out of fuel......attempts to restart will be met with it running for a couple seconds then dieing. Eventually it will start and run long enough for you to pump the pedal then it will run fine.

It never has any issues while running, no hesitation, no stalling, no runs pretty decent.

Its a stock 22re, stock fuel system, new filter....i am at a loss....i have checked most all the simple stuff and it all seems fine....thoughts?
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