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Originally Posted by Chiefwoohaw View Post
Sin is bad and causes destruction of society so sayeth the Lord. Similar to what they believe but worded in a way that your panties aren't in a bunch.

I understand but I also think you understand what I meant.
I totally do. I just choose not to say it the same way. and its' fun to mess with you.

Originally Posted by stinkpickle View Post
I'm not sure God is in the punishment business in this life anyways, as many denominational Christians believe. IMO God lets the chips fall where they may. Humanity in general, societies and individuals reap what they sow.
I think he's just as much in the punishment business as he ever was. He's our father and we are his Children. Any good Father Punishes his children to teach them right or wrong. I know if I don't do anything about my 17 Month old touching the stove, he'll get burnt. God, In my overly simplistic understanding, is the same way. He sees where our country is going and does not want us there. I do not, however, think he does this directly through acts like this. That's just my personal Opinion.

As I've said, I believe this act was an effect of our fallen world and the direction our country is going. If anything, God tries to get us away from acts like this by trying to set us straight and bring us closer to him. It's not his fault that we ignore him Although most people will turn the blame on him anyways.
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