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Originally Posted by BlooMule View Post
Group activity at a school sponsored event admittedly is a gray area. It's not specifically banned, but it's not specifically allowed either. The issue is because it's a 'group' activity vs an 'individual' activity.

For the record, I think it's BS that the school harasses a group of like minded individuals for doing something they all agree upon. The KKK gets to have activities and it's protected free speech. (well, not so much anymore)

Every group will have extremists that want to push their agenda. I don't agree with the atheist groups that want to scrub every religious message from public view. A nativity scene on the city hall lawn is ok with me, as long as any other religious group is allowed to put their icons along side it.

But I am not going to assume other religions have been discouraged from a display if I don't see one.
I actually agree with you on the nativity stuff. I love to see how other religions celebrate their holidays.

I know when I was in high school, 10 years ago , that a student group could do those things because it wasn't endorsed by the school but an act of the students free speech. It's no different then a church using a School on the weekends as it's place of worship. I've seen that before, as odd as it may sound. I'm sure that may have become more restrictive because even in my 4 years of High School the ability for students to have that free speech was being limited by people that were 'offended' by it.

As far as saying kids can't bless thier meal or read/bring thier bible, that's the school infringing on the rights of the students. And it's BS. It's sad, but I think alot of districts have resorted to catering to the most offended instead of what's good for the students.
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