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Originally Posted by jeepinRRT View Post
$5500 more... How's that accounting working out for you again?

My point was, and you clearly missed it, it will work better for your trip, and be actually worth selling when you're done.

I'll share some advice I got from my father when I was looking for a car at 16... "People don't get ahead buying junk"

We seem to be close to the same age at least, but come on man, you're willingly making this exponentially more complicated than it needs to be. Take a step back, actually look at what you think you are "saving" and ask yourself the question. "Is saving "$X" worth all of this hassle and time?"

Out of curiosity how much do you think you will save vs the $700 bill for shipping?

I'm sure you put it at least one post but my brain hurts.

Lastly...No one ever got ahead by buying shit vehicles for important jobs.
well, if you read the posts.... he said he changed his price to 8k. I don't know if that was a joke or not, but that is $6500 higher than $1500, and my accounting is doing just fine, thanks.

You really should read a few posts back. They have been long, yes, to answer everyone's criticisms and still post updates to the plan. The important thing is


(Unless I find a really good deal, which I'm not anticipating on doing or looking aggresively for anymore)

I have been taking a broad view on this to answer your question, and yes, I think the savings are worth it.
I'll be on break, and I think it would be sorta fun to make a long trip like that (and now I'll get criticized for that ).
Also, I have it saving me around $300 right now, which is worth it to me.

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