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Originally Posted by 14muddn View Post
You obviously haven't read his posts, thinking in the margin is out of the question.
You obviously haven't read many of the posts either, because I had already said this...

Originally Posted by 82cj7ltd View Post
alright wise guy, take it easy. that was posted 2 days ago, and since I haven't done my usual ohio/indiana/michigan search since last monday, I hadn't seen it.
You probably didn't even see my 2 examples of trucks I posted earlier that would work fine.... anyhow...

He does have a decent looking tub, but that's WAAAYYY more than I'm paying. If you think I just found a tub of equivalent price in Georgia, and just wanted to go down there for the view, or because I don't know how to use a calculator, than you're wrong.
I'm getting a GOOD deal on the tub and front clip, which is why I'm going to this effort.

I'll still be saving a solid amount of money INCLUDING the amount I spend on this trip (if I still use a smart way of getting down there.... like renting from enterprise)...
And now the only thing you can possibly have left to attack about all this is to say that the tub I'm getting must be a piece of junk!!
Also wrong!!

I've seen pics of it, and put a few up on here. It's in good shape. Thanks for your concern though.

Originally Posted by firehawk View Post
I read about 2.5 posts but if this guy listens to advice he can get it shipped pretty cheap.

No time off work, if he has a job and it shows up within a week. Again I know almost no details but was starting to sound retarded.

if this has been said than take is as a x2
well, if you read a little more than 2.5 posts, you'll see that I have, indeed, taken advice, and that's the angle I'm working on right now.

I do have time off, not sure where you made that up from.....
idk what you mean about it showing up in a week either..... I'll be free after a week or so....

So, to make things crystal this carefully.....


so, I'm on a different bit of advice and am trying to get an enterprise rental pickup.
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