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Originally Posted by jeepinRRT View Post
Ho Le Shit...

You do realize that when you buy something for say $40, and it cost $900 to physically get the item to you, that item cost $940 not $40 right?

I now realize why some ebay adds list the item for .99 cents with $50 shipping. People like you think they are getting a hell of a deal...

Honestly if you have to go through this big of a hassle, and the cost of shipping it here is obviously out of your price range, back out of the deal and find something closer to home. And for god sakes build in the cost of getting the unit to you when you think about price.

Kickstands truck is way better than anything you will find for $1500 and you may actually be able to flip it at that price and not loose your ass if you're nut set on carrying out that stupid plan you've got.

Did you even think about paying taxes on a truck you would buy for this trip? What about ins cost and plates? Even on a $2000 truck tax is $120, plates maybe $60 and say another $50 for insurance. You've already got $230 and you haven't even paid for a drop of gas yet.

FFS man $700 shipping is a deal.
Yup I know how to do my accounting. The right truck would've worked out fine, I would be using it for a dd for a while, plate is transferrable. The problem with this long of a thread is that I've already answered these general questions like a dozen times.

I'm not fooled by the shipping price on ebay, so you're wrong about that.

But now I'll answer this statement: Kickstand's truck may be better, but I'm NOT buying a 7 or 8k dollar truck. Just isn't happening. I'm glad you think his truck is a better than one for $1500...... otherwise it probably shouldn't be for sale for $6500 more....
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