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Originally Posted by dmcjeep View Post
OK I pulled a small trailer from Mi. to Ca. and back with no problems but I would still not to thrilled with doing it again. Especially if I could just get a truck and haul whatever in that. Personally I would not have any issue with hauling the tub on it side but that is something that you would have to decide on your own. I am not about to say ya do it and than you have a problem. If it were me I would still opt for buying/renting a full size truck. I just did a couple quick numbers and if you can get 20mpg with a truck it will cost about $400 to go 1000 miles at $4 a gal. Do a car/small truck at 27mpg going to cost about $296. So just for the difference in comfort I personally would go for the full size truck. Whats it going to cost $100 to have more room? Well worth nit to me.
Yea ok that makes sense. I guess I'm just kind of cautious about hauling a fiberglass tub on its side with its weight on it for 700 miles.
Just got off the phone with enterprise, and they apparently don't even allow their pickups to tow trailers, no matter how light.

So unless I can drop a ball in the bumper, and make it look like I didn't by the time I return it, there really isn't any good way to tow a trailer.
If they don't let their trucks tow, there's no way they'll let their car do it.
But since I'm trying to figure out how to fit a hitch on the truck anyways, I might as well figure out how to fit one on the car too.

Yea, the trip is 1400 miles. I'd rent a dakota or colorado, because a full size one is another $20/day, they both supposedly have 8' beds, and I'm "not allowed" to tow anything with either of them, so I don't see much advantage to a full size, honestly.
Unless my math is off, the numbers you said would actually only be $200 to drive the truck 1k miles. Anyhow, she said the trucks get 18, but whatever. at 1400 miles, and 19mpg, i'm at ~$300 for gas. $200 to rent the truck, +$90 for my age fee. so $600.

With a car getting 25 mpg, it would cost me $225 for the whole trip, +$115 to rent it, +90 again, so about $460. Now I wonder if someone else can rent it for me, but I can drive it??? If I get pulled over, I think that would be bad.
So I'd end up saving about $140 over the course of the trip.

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