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Originally Posted by dmcjeep View Post
Is the front clip one piece or three? If it is a 3 piece clip I am almost positive that you could fit it into a S-10 or Ranger. If it is one piece it might be a little tighter but I think it would still fit fine. Either way I am guessing that you would need to put the tub in the truck on its side and than put the other pieces along side it. Or if it is 3 piece you could always lay a couple 2x4's across the top of the bed rails and than sit the tub on them and the three pieces under the tub. I personally would lay it on the side though. Strap it down and go. When I was younger it would not have bothered me at all to make the drive that you are talking. Now days I am to lazy and like others I would juast find somebody to send it here. Do I think you could find a truck reliable enough to make the trip for $1500 or so. Yes I think that is entirely possible. I just saw a Cherokee a couple days ago that was $950 and I think that one would have made the trip fine but than you are back to needing to haul a trailer and that just does not appeal to me personally.
alright, well it is a 1 piece front clip. Do you think that laying a fiberglass tub on its side and strapping it that way would damage the tub at all? Stress cracks or something like that?
I get the anti-trailer sentiment, but I was already going to be replacing its tires, repacking the bearings, and having a spare with me. Does that change your feeling on it at all?

My best looking options right now are: get a truck from enterprise and out the stuff in the bed or haul a trailer down, buy a truck and do the same, bus/train down there, and truck back.
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