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Option 1: find rust free full size truck for sale down south, buy plane ticket, take cab to truck, buy truck, go pick up your junk, drive home, post up add “southern truck for sale”, enjoy the profits!
Option 2: work some overtime or a side job to pay for shipping and fukc driving to Georgia back.
Option 3: do some pm work on your buddy’s blazer and hit the road. Is it really in bad enough shape that it is likely to break down half way to its next oil change?
Note: regardless of what you do, If a trailer is involved make sure you do some maintenance on that before you go. Pack bearings and make sure it has good tires properly inflated. Bring a spare. You are more likely to have problems with the cheap running gear on a small trailer than anything. Waterford to George is the exact distance it takes for un-serviced bearings to suffer a catastrophic failure resulting in the whole hub flying off the trailer and the spindle grinding on the cement lighting up the front of the greyhound bus behind you like the fourth of July and catching 300 yards of dry grass clipping along the highway on fire in the process.
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