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Originally Posted by Toivo View Post
Buy a v6 powered car of any kind. Cobble fukc a hitch on it. Buy/rent/beg/steal a snowmobile trailer. Get your shit. Stfu, get 22mpg, and drive car until dead. This is not difficult. HOWEVER, By my estimation however, what you require is a brand new, zero mile, loaded, diesel, dually pickup. With only 1400 miles on it you won't lose more than $500 off sticker. Easy!
Originally Posted by Toivo View Post
Apparantly your reading skills are as sharp as your common sense. I did suggest something reasonable.
Then I suggested something you would grasp.
All joking aside, any v6 fwd car has more than enough ass to do what you are asking, and will do so comfortably and cheaply. Get your head out of the clouds needing a pickup truck for hauling sub1k lbs.
Well, I considered your comment a joke, because you acted as if I was looking for a brand new diesel pickup, when nothing Iíd said could be further from the truth. The car makes sense, I guess, but Iíve never liked pulling a load with a car, for fear of trans damage and lack of brakes. I guess it could work though.

What doesnít make sense to me is that you seem to think going out and buying a v6 car to drive down there will be more reliable than a pickup in the same price range. I wouldnít keep a v6 car, simply because Iíll need better mpg on my daily commute than that. I tend to drive 4 bangers and my cars average 32mpg or better. So that would get sold within a month too. I guess to me, the car is no different than the truck. I couldnít have expected you to know that, but again, not quite what I asked.
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