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Originally Posted by scottie View Post
all i have to add is you have no cents and you can't tow anything with a 4cyl s-turd
well, he says otherwise.
Originally Posted by cerial View Post
Yes you should have no problem transporting the bed with a 4cyl 5 speed. Of course a larger truck might be better but whatever fits your needs like I said before.

Originally Posted by snboarder113 View Post
simple answer. buy a tub closer to home.
Totally forgot to address that, thanks. Try and find one. Please. You won’t be able too. Trust me, I’ve looked for quite a few months. The only tubs I’ve seen are 2.5 times what I’m paying. I really truly wish that would work, but it hasn’t yet. Still keeping my eyes peeled.

Originally Posted by GREASYHANDS View Post
So.... basically you have made up your mind already, won't listen to anyone's sensible advice, and will be doing what you planned to do before asking four said advice? Did you vote for our president?
Well since your “sensible” advice didn’t address what I was asking, but I STILL am considering it (if you read what I’m posting) whenever I’m given a “sensible” idea. When I’m called an idiot and told to ship it and no one but me has researched the costs…… I don’t think I’m the idiot there.
And you wanted me to steal one from a dealership….. I think you’re the one who voted Obama.

Originally Posted by disorder xj View Post
I think your idea of junk and mine are not the same. and this is gl 4x4 thread's never have anything to do with what you ask.
That, I can agree with, and also, I've never realized that till now.

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