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Originally Posted by 14muddn View Post
Maybe because it's a mid 90's vehicle with 150k+ miles... much like the market for a $1200 truck

You're going to do what you want you asked for opinions don't get mad that people are saying your idea is inbred as fukc . We have all bought, looked at, or sold the type of truck you are looking to buy and you are gambling a lot even if you test it out for a week.

Shit I have to ask is your entire weekend spent driving there and back really worth saving a few hundred bucks even if your plan goes out without flaws?

PM Route55 on here he does shipping. Couldn't the seller wrap the other parts, put them in the tub, and wrap the whole thing in shrink wrap to just ship one item?
yes and no. the blazer isn't a vehicle I typically look at, because I've heard lots of bad reviews on them. I was only considering his because it wouldnt cost anything. His has had a lot of problems, (since nearly new) and I wasn't sure if he'd fixed it. he hasn't yet. in that way, a blazer is similar to in price, but not in quality, the vehicles I've been considering.

I didn't ask for opinions on whether or not my idea was good, but rather what the most suitable vehicle was. I understand that it may not seem to be the wisest, and with the other options being presented, I am glad to consider something else. The manner in which the opinions were presented, though, was that I was absolutely idiotic in even mentioning this and must obviously not have thought about it at all.
I don't consider it much of a gamble, because all my cars are in that price range, so again, the chance of the breaking down is theoretically just as high. granted, i'll be further from home, but it's not like this is an especially crummy vehicle to me.

Then of course, all the "obvious" solutions that were brought about were ones I had already ruled out due to price. So I was just a bit frustrated (understandably imo) that hardly anyone wanted to offer anything but criticism and insults.

As for whether its worth my weekend, it would probably be done on a weekday, and would be about 2 days long. I think its worth it since I'll have the time. The seller is a very helpful guy and just finished a cj build, so I'm going to get lots of advice and info from him.

Combining parts is possible I guess- I dont know how a front clip would nest in a tub without damaging one of them, but maybe. the rest of the parts could be, but I have to pick and choose what I want, so I'm not completely sure what all I will end up with.

I'll pm him and see what he says, thanks.
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