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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
Didn't you say it was only $700 to ship?
You're gonna go through the hassle of spending $1500 on a truck, spend 2 days on the road, meals, gas, hotel, all to save $80
I have quite a bit better than "stupid logic" imo.
The reason I'm only saving $80 in the above example is because everyone so far seems to think I'll be selling the truck for that much less than I got it. To be completely honest, I'm good at selling stuff, and unless the trans goes bad, I'll sell it for as much as I paid for it.
That's the point that I see that understandably you don't, because I set the example up according to everyone saying I would break down and have to sell it for less. I'll drive it for a week before I go down there, have it inspected on a lift, do preventive maintenance, likely including a tuneup, and I should make it there and back fine.
The example was buy for $1500, sell for $1200. Thus I only save $80. I say I'd buy and sell it for $1500. That isn't unrealistic, I know the lower priced car market fairly well. In that case, I save at least $380, which is worth it to me.
Originally Posted by 8PTBUCK View Post
I would not buy a truck for $1500 and drive down to Georgia and back just for a tub. You don't know any unknown problems that it will have. You could get down there, pick up the parts, then be 200 miles out of GA and break down and not have any money to fix your truck.
IMO It seems like too much of a hassle just for parts. Do you need to have these parts ASAP? Or are you just jumping on a good deal?
Totally understandable. Itís not going to just be like buy a car, then turn around immediately and drive to Georgia. My cars are typically $1500 btw, so the element of breakdown is technically always present. I just fix things before they have a chance to break and Iím fine. Obviously the trip to Georgia would be different, which is why Iíd try to put more care into it.
And yea, the parts need to be gone quickly, because I paid the guy for them 2 months ago and havenít had a chance to come down for them. He said he wonít hold them much past Christmas time. I did get a good deal on them, and he has other discounted parts I want to be able to pick and choose from while Iím down there too.
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