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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
Yes, you have a few options, so I will overthink it a little for you as well.

Best option: Pay to have it shipped. Buying an unknown used vehicle to haul parts 1400 miles through the mountains/hills between michigan and Georgia. Bad idea. Plus you're talking about some pretty underpowered trucks that are gonna struggle with some of those hills even with out a load or aerodynamic drag of a jeep tub on a trailer.

Rent a truck, I have a few buddies who constantly rent fullsize crew cab pick up trucks for long distance mountain bike trips where they need the extra space. I don't know the cost, but at least you will likely be in a low mileage newer truck that will pull down reasonable mileage, be comfortable, safe, mechanically prepared for the trip, etc.

Fly down, rent truck to drive back?
Alright, well here are my known problems with some of those options. It will cost me $700 to pay to have it shipped.

If the 4cyl's are too underpowered for the job (cj fiberglass tub on 8x10 open trailer), then I could always get a 6cyl.

I just want to see which of the motor/trans combos are most dependable, and get good mpg too. But even driving a v6 down there is cheaper (more than half the price) of paying for it to get shipped. Plus, I can recoup my money if I buy a truck, not so with shipping it.

Renting a truck is so expensive per mile that it wouldn't be worth it either, (over $800)+gas and same with plane tickets ($4-600), cause this is the worst time of year to be flying. I would totally rent a truck if the pricing wasn't so awful.

So I'm down with a v6, if everyone thinks the 4 cyl is too underpowered to pull 1k lbs. now how about a manual vs auto?
and any experience with the I6 f150 auto/manual? the engines are good, but do those trannies have problems?
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