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Default ranger vs s10 vs ?? for light duty hauling ONE TIME

Alright, so I don't run this conversation to run away on a name calling battle between chevy and ford (and maybe toyota, datsun, nissan, mazda ??) but here's the deal:
I'm planning on heading down to Georgia in a week to pick up some parts for my cj. The only item of significance weight wise is the fiberglass tub, at ~310 lbs. I don't have a vehicle that can haul, and I may or may not be able to borrow a friends 95? blazer with the 4.3 and ~150k miles. edit: Also will likely have access to a trailer that will be sufficient. I'm trying to solve the vehicle problem, not find a trailer, just to clear up any confusion.

I know the 4.3 is a good motor, but I've heard mixed reviews about the blazer. Since it's a 1400 mile round trip, I'd rather buy a cheap pickup for the trip, and then sell it afterwards then have the blazer break down on me. So here are the options I know of, please tell me the pros and cons of them
The main trucks am looking at are the Ranger and the S10. The foreign trucks listed aboveall tend to carry a higher price than I want.

So for the ranger, there's the 4 cyl 2.3, and the 3.0 and 4.0 v6. I personally prefer stickshift, plus it should net me better mpg on the freeway. The most this whole rig could weigh is ~1k pounds.
I'm wondering if the the ranger 2.3 is too underpowered to tow this light of a load at 70mph. I wont be trying to drive quickly, and I don't know if the smaller engine will save me gas or use more because it may be overloaded.

The 3.0 I don't see in stick form often, the 4.0 in manual I see more often.
Would a relaxed cruising speed on the freeway with the 4.0 net me better mpg than the 2.3 because it isn't as underpowered?
Also have been told the auto trannies are weaker on these trucks. Not sure if that's true, or whether people just overwork them and they overheat.

For the s10, I basically have the iron duke, the 2.8, and the 4.3. Same questions as above: what will be able to handle the load and net me the best mpg? I don't need lots of power, I just dont want to be way overworking the engine. I'll be taking it easy.

NOTE: I Will only be using this truck for the time it takes for me to go down south and back, until the time I can sell it as soon as I return. Can't have that kind of mpg for my commuting.

edit: I probably will not need 4x4 either, if that makes a difference.

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