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Here's a synopsis I found:

Important Michigan Bill- SB 59 - Glock Talk

Bit of an eye chart, but here's the copied summary.

CPL Reform SB 59 (S-5)

Detailed Synopsis

Best Practice delivering Better Service to the Best-trained Gun Owners in the United States
SB 59 modernizes the CPL law and streamlines the process statewide.
CPL eligibility requirements are strengthened under SB 59, not weakened. Michigan will have the strongest training standard in the nation.
The legislation closes the loophole in state law that allows licensees to carry openly in “pistol free” zones, while preserving our constitutional right to keep and bear arms by allowing concealed carry with advanced training.
Best Practice
Concealed weapons licensing boards established in 1927 will be eliminated.
County sheriffs will assume the authority of the boards.
County clerks and the MSP will continue their current role in the process.
The bill places accountability for fair licensing decisions with sheriffs, not added workload.
In fact, the need for four different agencies – including sheriffs – to staff gun board meetings or support panels will be eliminated, saving taxpayer dollars.
Annual CPL reporting requirements for the MSP will be strengthened.
The MSP’s annual CPL report will be expanded to include the total number of licensees charged with a violation or crime and the number convicted.
Current reports do not account for one licensee with multiple charges or convictions.
With this added accountability, the bill also provides clerks and sheriffs with explicit immunity to civil liability for the actions of an individual with a CPL.
Sheriffs will continue to consult prosecutors, the MSP and local police on applications.
Local fee revenue will be set aside in special funds to be used solely by clerks and sheriffs for improving their CPL process and for refunds.
Many counties currently absorb the dollars into their general fund.
These funds will also protect the county general fund from paying out refunds if a clerk or a sheriff fails to do their statutory job.
The bill’s effective date of May 1, 2013, will provide the MSP, counties, instructors and applicants with adequate time to prepare for the changes.
MSP can now provide all forms, booklets and compilations to local agencies and counties in electronic format, saving taxpayer dollars.
Personal references required of applicants will no longer include those related to them or members of the same household.
Training certificates will have to include more information than ever before.
The additional information will enable county sheriffs and clerks to more easily verify the credentials of instructors, legitimacy of a course and quality of training.
Retired law enforcement who served in good standing will no longer be required to get a printed letter verifying their retirement for the purposes of a CPL.
County sheriffs can easily verify their retirement through email or a phone call.
Better Service
Modern technology now allows for nearly instantaneous background checks.
A license decision will have to be made within 45 days from the date of application for either initial or renewal licenses, which is a modest change from current statute.
If a decision is not made or a license is not issued within 45 days, applicants will be entitled to a refund of the local portion of the CPL fee, depending on which office is responsible.
This measure will correct the failure of many county gun boards to comply with existing statutory requirements due to a lack of consequences.
The county clerk may shall issue a temporary license while the failure is addressed.
A licensee will not be required to appear at a meeting with the sheriff in applying for their license unless the sheriff has a statutory reason to believe they’re not qualified.
A meeting will occur at a date and time agreeable to the applicant.
Many applicants have been delayed or denied a license because they couldn’t get the time off of work for a gun board hearing scheduled without their input.
All applicants will be provided with a new “Rights and Responsibilities” booklet that explains the CPL process and their rights while applying for or holding a license.
The bill includes a number of measures intended to end the practice in some counties of nickel-and-diming applicants with additional fees above what is authorized in state law.
Clerks and sheriffs will only charge the statutory $105 for a CPL, ending higher minimum fees in some areas. The license fee will get you a license.
Extra fees may be charged only for optional services, such as a county-provided photo or an optional hard plastic license.
Some county clerks provide only one format of license or mandate a county-provided photo, but then charge an additional fees for it.
A number of changes in the bill will make it likely that most applicants will only need a day or two to apply for a license. The process in some counties can require 3-4 days off of work.
Clerks will mail approved licenses and expiration notices, eliminating additional trips and days off of work for qualified applicants and avoiding unintentional lapses.
Sheriffs and clerks may no longer mandate additional forms or documents of all applicants and only in individual cases if there is a clearly-stated statutory reason.
An individual who held a CPL in good standing within the previous 5 years will be treated as a renewal, whether expired or not.
They have a clear track record of obeying the law and being a responsible gun owner.
They will still be required to review current CPL law and complete range time.
License revocations and suspensions are clearly distinguished throughout the bill.
Currently, suspensions even for minor offenses have become de facto revocations in most counties, requiring re-application and payment of the full CPL fee.
If a person is still eligible for a CPL after a suspension ends and their license hasn’t expired, they’ll get reinstated for a reasonable fee.
Best-Trained Gunowners in the Nation
The training hours for a basic license will remain at 8 hours. The range round requirement for both initial and renewal licenses will be strengthened from 30 rounds to 98 rounds.52
Training will have to be completed no more than 5 years before applying for a license or an exemption for the first time. There is presently no standard in state law.
Michigan will have the strongest minimum training standard in the nation under statute, when combined with the advanced training provisions below.
Open Carry by CPL Licensees Addressed
A licensee can carry openly in places like public schools and hospitals. They want to carry concealed.MSP Legal Update #86
The bill prohibits open carry in these sensitive zones by all licensees, but it preserves our constitutional rights by permitting concealed carry with advanced training.
Current licensees will pay a fee of no more than $20 to apply for an exemption to the zones and receive a replacement license indicating the exemption.
The sheriff may delegate the authority to grant exemptions for current licensees to the county clerk, who can issue a replacement license on the spot.
The Advanced Training Course
Current training required for a CPL was based on the NRA’s well-respected course, Personal ProtectionInside the Home (PPIH).
The advanced training that will be required for an exemption to the zones is based on Phase 1 of the NRA’s advanced course, Personal Protection Outside the Home.
PPOH focuses on advanced principles of the legal, defensive use of a pistol in public places with special focus on unique considerations in those places.
Phase 1 provides at least 8 hours of course hours with 94 rounds fired on the range.
CPL instructors will be granted an exemption to the zones because they have gone through highly-advanced instructor certification training in addition to the courses themselves.
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