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Originally Posted by lgottler View Post
As my wife runs out the door tonight she asks me to fold the last load of laundry. Yup, the pink load. I have 3 little girls that usually only wear pink and somehow my wife can ignore the laws of the universe and fit nearly every single article of clothing they wear into this last load of laundry!

Sorting this 2 hamper sized last load is next to impossible. I resort to shirt pile, pant pile, and assorted socks/ undies pile. Why is it when I get to fold laundry every single piece of clothing is inside out?

Then I open my drawer at 6am only to find my last resort work shirt; the one with weld burn holes over my nipples and neck so loose I have to pull it up over my shoulder all day. WTF happened to my laundry? Answer: Oh, I didn't know you needed anything washed...?!? Apparently my clothes are not considered at laundry time. She washes them after all other clothes because they are too greasy, but when you bring up the fact that the next load in the washer next time is WHITE! you get ignored.

Then getting hassled about how you fold it. Being a man I only know one way to fold things. First in half, then in half again, then if it needs to be smaller, half again. Cardboard like pictures on the front of shirts present a challenge because it sometimes takes a bit of force to make it fold then keep it folded, but apparently there is a way to do a complex arm folding method that I cannot understand nor duplicate.

Phew! Vent over. Guess what I'm doing tonight!
We all know you don't have children and the pink load is yours. Nice try.
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