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Originally Posted by redmosquito1 View Post
They gave occ time to anodize and polish their bike too but no one bitched. To cut Jessie some slack he did fab the frame and body work from scratch. All gas monkey did was chop up a stock bike, I do think theirs is the coolest though. Jrs is pretty gay, not a fan of the bulbous rear fender or how high the front fender sits in the rear. He shoulda stretched it to be a few inches off the ground, but the big front wheel thing is all the rage in the custom world. All the baggers seem to be running 23"+ wheels. Fucks the handling up so I don't get it.

I dig the gas monkey rode (supposedly) to Vegas so if I were to vote they'd get it. The old biker build offs required the bike to be ridden to the destination, I think Billie lane was almost dq'ed once when his bike wouldn't run, he ended up riding a good stretch with it backfiring really bad. They need to make that a requirement again
OCC got time to anodize, but only after Jesse cried to Discovery. The decision was already made at OCC to leave it raw.

I like that Jesse decided to build something other than a WCC bike for a change, it's kind of odd how similar in profile Jesse's and OCC's bike are- they are both essentially modeled after sport bikes. OCC gets points for CNC milling the majority of the bike. JJ might be able to forge his own components, but that's just how it was done before CNC if you think about it.

Of course the Gas Monkey guys finished on time- they worked within the time limit and their resources. But really, all they built was a bobber.

Jr is still all about hanging crap on the bike. That exhaust looked like the bolted a car engine header on the side, no matter how much fab work went into it. The giant wheel thing has hit the bike world, doesn't make any more sense that 26" wheels on an Impala.
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