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Wonder how much of that was for ratings.

My favorite holiday is and will probably always be Halloween. Why, because it is one of the few pure holidays left. It is also the only time of the year I put out decorations also.

It is for the kids, simple and pure. You can look into the old school side of that but I fail to see what a kid in a spider man costume has to do with old school beliefs.

I am one of those people that give out handfuls to the kids. The younger they are the more they get (to discourage older kids). I don't care about what your wearing it is all about having fun and the community coming together.

This time of they year people are on edge and stressed because of the expectations of others. While it is fun to watch the lemmings and wonder I do respect them.

On taxing the church. There are very few instances where I agree with this. I am one that thinks that everyone should pull there weight but truly a church tends to help the community around it. That all being said I would rather give money to a homeless shelter, family in need, or organization that I felt will properly use the funds then one that will use it towards building improvements. I do think that they should pay property taxes. This would eliminate those mega churches and place more of those funds back into the community.

My family does not take the Holidays off. We celebrate it on the 18th(a week before) or on the Saturday before. It is easier on everyone that has to work and is also a lot easier on those that are traveling. The understanding is still there just not the hustle and it needs to be done and you need to do this by this time which ruins the underlying meaning.

I have my beliefs not others. My guy could kick yours guys butt is a old debate with no winning side. Watching these two go at it was quite comical. I kept wondering who was going to get Bich slapped first.
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