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Default Allstate sucks ass so does the Skip Sampson Branch

My experience with Allstate Insurance and the Wixom, MI Skip Sampson Allstate branch
To start off I have been a customer for nearly 4 years with no claims or tickets. I have paid on time every month as well. Over the past year my rates have climbed higher and higher with no explanation. Because I had been with Allstate for so long I thought I would be getting a fair price, until I received a quote from State Farm that was WAY less with lower deductibles than Allstate had been charging me. Feeling sick that a company I had been so loyal to was taking advantage of me was bad enough, or so I thought.
On 11/27 I contacted the agent to cancel my policy after beginning a new policy with State Farm. I faxed my new information and was told it had been taken care of. Allstate then pulled my premium on 11/30 because the person who had "processed" my cancelation, canceled neither of my auto or motorcycle policies. On Monday 12/3 I go back to the branch and the young lady who had "processed" my cancelation replied to my issue with, "oops, yeah what can you do?", how about your job? I am then told I may get my money that was wrongfully taken, back in 10 days, unacceptable in my opinion but if I had a timeline I could deal with it. I then had to go to my credit union to have them fax my checking account statement to proof that they withdrew money from my account! I am again contacted today 12/5 that the agent has just now contacted corporate and I should expect a fraction of what was taken out for the auto policies. After the past hour trying to get on the line with someone in the USA instead of a call center I got nowhere. Just a PSA and of the kind of service you can expect from Allstate and Skip Sampson branch.
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