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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
I saw this the other day. Sometimes I wonder if Bill O'Reilly understands that he is being recorded...

Although, after watching the clip, I didn't make me think, "ahh, now churches should be taxed."

I do however have an opinion on that idea, however. I think that in our country there are churches that are doing good in terms of charity and some that are not (some megachurches come to mind). I think to keep their tax exempt status, a church, should be required to be transparent about where the money comes from and where the money goes.
Holy crap, I agree with you. On that last part. Our Church is open about the budget and our whole entire 'society' (or the members) votes on it every year. While being open about where the money goes is a good idea there are legal issues with being COMPLETELY open. The only person in our congregation that is allowed to know the amount of money coming from individuals is the treasurer. Not even the pastor is allowed to know. they can know how much was in the offering plate, but not specifics. Heck, not long ago most churches had boards up on the front of the church telling the attendance and offering amounts for last Sunday.
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