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Originally Posted by Toncomb View Post
Thinking you have the wrong idea.

O'reilly stated repeatedly that Christianity WAS NOT A RELIGION, but that it was a philosophy. He also stared Catholicism, Judaism, and I think one other were religions.
Wow, I just watched the Video. That was a mess.

But, my previous post was more towards what I think would happen if non-profits were denied the non-profit status.

I think Bill (and the atheist) were confused a bit. According to what O'reilly put out there, most churches would still fall under a religious institution because he said that the different Denominations where separate religions. Which is completely wrong. I think he was trying to say that the nativity scenes and such on government property could represent a philosophy that Christianity teaches.

Personally I would rather see our government celebrate all the major religions instead of censoring them. I think they problem with most Atheists is that they have no symbol they could put up at the court house because they have no unified purpose or reason for being. This makes them feel left out and then they complain. JMO.

Originally Posted by deerebowtie View Post
is it illegal to start a church, and run a business through there as a non profit?
To get any (and there are many types) of non-profit status you have to ad-hear to some pretty strict laws and guidelines. If you can run a Business with in those guidelines then yes. BUT if you're able to run that business within those guidelines you wouldn't need the church to run it through.

In all honesty churches are ran like a business that has a poor profit growth plan. They do have things they 'sell' (services, fellowship, etc) and they have overhead. The difference is that they choose to give that profit, and then some, away to those that need help or to a good cause.
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