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My Internet Sucks so I can't watch the video but Here's my initial Response to the question of the thread.

I think it would be a fine idea if it included every non-profit, not just Christian based ones. The problem is that the government would be putting an extra burden on alot of Charities (including most Christian Churches) that do a majority of the work to help the homeless and needy.

<rabbit Trail> I've said it a million times on here but, you walk into just about any church and there are posters for Missionaries, Local food drives, ways to get involved with shelters, ETC, In just about everyone you'll visit. That's because it's in the teachings of Jesus to help the poor and needy, so it would make sense that Christian churches would give thier members the ability to do so. In my experiences it usually has nothing to o with 'peddling' our faith, just letting people know they are loved.

I also think that this idea comes from the idea that churches are out to make money. That the pastors get every dime that is placed in the offering plate. That is just not the case and, in most cases, a pastor is paid extremely little for the amount of education they posses. Most pastors go to school for just as long as a doctor to be ordained but get paid, at the most, 60K a year. Are there exceptions? Of course, but if you go any joe blow church, there pastor is not rolling in it by any means. They aren't there to make money, they are there to effect people's lives by the Gospel.

To be completely honest, most of our church (both the one I attend and my dad's church when I was growing up) spends it's money on missions and Charity. After that it's probably building upkeep and paying the bills. </rabbit trail>

Anywho, to bring it back to the original post; I think by taking away the Tax exempt status (what ever grade that may be) will hinder those non profits (and it HAS to be every single one, not Just Christian) and force those people that rely on those non profits to get that help from the Government. Taking away even more from our tax dollars.
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