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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
Wow! Really? How's that koolaid taste?

First off, this is a bill written by a senator, it did not come from the Presidents administration.

Second, so you are so completely and totally convinced that everything the President or his administration is " 100 percent against freedom and the constitution" that you won't even bother to actually read the proposed bill and make your own judgments, you just believe as you're told to believe. No offence, but I think it's idiots that go along with that line of thinking that allows some of the horrible governments around the world to gain and maintain power. Once they can convince a majority of the people that the other side is always bad they no longer have to deal with facts, they can ignore them and dismiss anything they say as a cover for what they really think.
If this administration was for the people and behind the constitution they would have notwent to the extent of stealing the election as they did. Creating a race war and war between the rich and the poor, encouraging voter fraud, need I go on? If the republican party went so far as to decieve the people to the extent as the democratic party did I would no longer show my support. I would be embarassed to even let others know that I support that type of behavior.
Don't get me wrong I do think that the democratic party stands up and fights for what they believe is the right thing to do. The republican party is getting weak in the way of not fighting back and standing up for what they think is the right thing to do.
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