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Originally Posted by kerryann View Post
I am sorry but that is pretty horrible

I'm not trying to be snarky, or pushy, I'm really curious what part you thought was bad?

Was it the use of a very fresh 'wound' in our country to push what he truly believes could be God calling us back to a former standard?

It may not be a very classy way about it, but, if it really was God trying to punish us, as a country (not as individuals, like he did to his own 'people'), shouldn't we at least consider what that message might be?

Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
So, as a humble human, why do you continue to speak on your god's behalf as if you KNOW what he's trying to say, i.e. Hurricanes are punishment towards the "wicked"?
Would you rather God punish OUR COUNTRY with puppy dogs and unicorns? I know it's not really valid, to you, but there are countless instances in the bible (our religion's recorded history) where God punishes those who stray from his path.

What really gets me is all the hard-asses on this site that say 'If that was my kid, I'd leave a permanent hand print on his ass' when a 'darwin award' thread is posted but when someone suggests that, to that person (the pastor here), that God is punishing a country because of the path we are going down, They all cry for protective services and call him a child abuser.

Either you all completely missed the end part of the sermon or the conclusion just flew over your head. God punishes us because he loves us. I hate punishing my child. It makes me cry every time to see his reaction to what I've had to do. BUT, I know that if I don't punish him for doing bad things he won't know any better. So I punish him, I love him to much to see him stay in a state I know isn't correct for him. The same Goes for God and his children.

Originally Posted by Scott2.0 View Post
That's not very humble. Oh wait, you call yourself a Christian. Of course you're a hypocrite. Duh.
There's always room for one more. You're welcome to come to any Christian church and Join.

It's not the healthy people that go see the doctor, it's the sick people.
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