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Originally Posted by matt3liv View Post
I have a CMMG Mark III in 7.62 NATO. It has a stainless 18" bull barrel. Its set up for LR (by MI standards) shooting.

So far, I've only tested with it Gold Metal Match 168s. I have about 550 rounds through it. With that load I can reach out to a little past 800y with excellent accuracy and reliability. I'm going subsonic after about 850y and tumbling all over the place. I don't reload, but have someone who is going to develop some loads for me to get past 1000y.

To answer your question, they CAN be every bit as accurate as a bolt gun. Applying the fundamentals of marksmanship are the key to being accurate with either one though. I wouldn't necessarily say that as a group, gas guns are as accurate as bolt guns though. There is too much variation between brands. IMO, just about every mid or lower range gas gun needs a new trigger right off the bat. Many of the bolt guns have a satisfactory adjustable triggers. On the flip side, most gas guns (I think) are running free float tubes out of the box, where lots of bolt guns are not (hogue overmold stocks on remingtons). When you are looking at a precision rifle for the distances past several hundred yards, these are both significant features.
A free floating barrel is usually a good thing but not always. On my f class bolt action McMillan highly suggested glass beading the entire barrel. It is a phenominal shooting gun. You are almost correct when you say a semi auto can be as accurate as a bolt action. A high end semi auto can be as accurate as a basic bolt action but they will not keep up with a bolt action if you go $ for $. I have many sub 1/2" bolt actions that are under $700. What does it take to get a .308 ar to shoot sub 1/2"?

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