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Originally Posted by feva4u View Post
Nope, but it sounded great!

Section 257.710c
(4) Notwithstanding subsection (2), a person shall not operate a motor vehicle having lift blocks between the front axle and springs, or with lift blocks that exceed 4 inches in height between the rear axle and springs in addition to those provided by the original manufacturer. Any body lift block shall be of single piece construction and shall not use more than a 3-inch spacer. Any suspension lift block shall use an alignment pin between the axle and the spring, and shall be of single piece construction. Spring shackle replacements shall not exceed the original equipment manufacture length by more than 2 inches, and coil spring spacers are prohibited. All steering components shall be geometrically arranged to function as original equipment manufacture. Welded pitman arms, drag links, and tie rods are prohibited. All parts used to modify the original suspension or height of a motor vehicle shall be factory manufactured and shall meet or exceed the original manufacturer's specifications.

This thread is not about steering or whether or not it's to be a trailer queen.
Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
No it's not but it is about John making good decisions for his build.

Full hydro is geometrically arranged to function as OE. It adjusts both tires together as the steering wheel is rotated. Since there is no pitman arm, drag link or tie rod, that portion does not apply.

To me, it's still grey enough that it could be argued. Won? I hope I don't have to try.

Either way, after having no assist, hydro assist and full hydro, for a buggy I would not even consider anything but full hydro.
not to mention that this all says this special verbage "to manufactures specs" if its an assembled vehicle and it is assembled with hydro steering than that is the manufactured set up. also the above section seems to be more directed to modifications such as lift kits etc...not manufactured items which they would be if you title it as assembled. It can and has been done.
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