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Originally Posted by CheapThrillB2 View Post
So question time.....plan is to use 1.25 hiems on the links, what is the ideal material for the links themselves.....think liv2mx style wheeling .

Also with the front driveshaft...carrier style set-up in front of the tcase. Was looking at PJ's setup..

I have the standard bronze spherical bearing and like Nick said, it needs to be replaced occasionally but I don't think every year. I make sure I grease it all the time to keep it from getting sloppy. If I had it to do over again I would look at something like that or a factory style like Bones has. The biggest time it sees wear is highway driving with drive flanges where it is spinning fast for extended times. Normal trailer queen stuff like we do doesn't seem to bother it much.

I assume you are going to have a telescoping shaft between the t-case and carrier bearing?

I have 1.75 x 1/4 wall lower links and I have to pull and straighten them every year. All links have Ballistic joints and I hate them. I blew one out this weekend in Canada and ran all day yesterday with it clunking like crazy. I'm going to 2" Aluminum but haven't decided on which joint to use. I need to talk to Dale about the brands he carries.
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