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Originally Posted by 3stratman View Post
Except having offshore bank accounts is perfectly legal, as is taking advantage of tax "loopholes", which are actually created by the government and written into the tax code. I wouldn't call taking advantage of those "beating the system" when people are using them for what they are designed for.
Flat tax is a simple fix: everyone making over X pays Y% of their income in taxes. No deductions, exemptions, or accounting sleight of hand. The percentage paid would surprise you as well - when all of the tax shelters, strategies, etc... are off the table the rates for the middle class go down.

No - I'm not biting the apple of class warfare.

Unfortunately, the wealthy (including all of those uber-liberal media and entertainment yahoos) will fight it and the thick-headedness of the electorate will stop any attempt ("don't take away my deductions! I'd rather have a 20% tax rate with 5% in deductions than an 11% tax rate with zero deductions!").
This is the Pub. Leave common sense at the door.
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