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Michigan Jeep Girl Build: GL4X4 must feel really good about themselves turning the jeep community into a bunch of snoty douchebags. They need to get over themselves and get off the computer. There's a lot more excitement outside that computer. We're trying to help the people that they try to shit on on a daily basis. Where they bad mouth everyone and try to become someone, we're over here accepting others and helping them. We don't need to be better than anyone here. We just want to know that we helped you guys out.
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She is trying to help people? LOL. By posting skanky photos of her jeep and asking stupid questions like "do I want 3.08 or 6.12 gears for rock crawling"

hahahaaha. she is "accepting others and helping them". ohhhhhh kay

I see she's still a huge ass attention whore...
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