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Originally Posted by SS View Post
That's what they said about the colonies against the British (who were the most powerful military force on Earth at that time).

Not to mention the fact that the military itself will be divided. We're not brainless drones. We have our own views and families all over the country.

Even if the entire U.S. military stood together in defense of the government... You're talking maybe 1.5 million against at least 200 million.
Of those 200 million, how many would actually stand and fight, and how many would turn in their guns because the government told them to...... or you could ask an Englishman, or Australian, or Canadian, about how many fought to keep arms.

Remember- the 2nd amendment is just that, an amendment. It can be repealed.

Any civil uprising will likely be dealt with harshly. Look into our own past (civil rights marches, Vietnam war demonstrations, various riots like Detroit '67) and you will see that while the individual soldier is not a 'brainless drone', the govt as an institution has no qualms about ordering troops to fire on citizens. All they need is those soldiers that will do it.

Of course, this is an unlikely scenario. Our rights will be taken away by the voting public, all in the name of safety and the greater good.
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