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Originally Posted by Soul Assassin View Post
Regardless of resources of the military, the US is very very close to a civil war. Civil unrest is at it's highest since the civil war itself. We're so divided it's almost unreal.

Honestly, I'm sick of the "entitled" demanding, while I bust my ass every day to give my family a good life. I'm sure anyone that works can appreciate what I'm saying. Since when was it acceptable to be proud that you're on foodstamps, or govermental help? It was never developed to be a lifestyle, but in fact a stop gap effort to help people stay on their feet.

While I can accept that some are born into fortuitous circumstances, since when were people complacent in lying down and not even trying to create a life?

Personally, a "civil war" may be exactly what it takes to right this ship. Republicans, Libretarians, and Independent Tradionalists have the majority of legal firearms, me included, so I'm good.
x2 on this i think the exact same thing.
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