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Im not sure dropping socially conservative ideas would work for the GOP. I think the GOP needs to do a better job at deflecting some of the "hot button" questions. Granting of marriage license is handled by the states therefore those running for any position in federal government needs to stay away from state issues and insist that gay marriage be decided at the state level. Far as abortion goes that is law of the land and candidates should state their position is to uphold the law of the land whether they like it or not. It would serve the repubs well to distance them selves from the guys that say stupid stuff like "women will naturally abort if they are legitimately raped". 3 million republican voters stayed home election day for a reason. Its anecdotal evidence I know, but every conservative I know that did not vote for Romney did not because they viewed him as a liberal. These were not religious people they, like me are tired of the republican left running the party. The tea party candidates won overwhelmingly in the 2010 elections because they were fiscally conservative and many espoused socially conservative values. I think going further to the left would be a mistake, it would further alienate the christian right (a very large number of republican voters) and further alienate constitutionalists and fiscally conservative voters. It would serve the repubs well to get their message out and stand by it, but by all means be careful how they present it.
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