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Originally Posted by Chiefwoohaw View Post
Yeah, you believe what you want and I'll continue to believe what I know is true. You could pretty much get whatever drug you wanted and be banging if you liked guys at anytime in the "boys district" of chicago as well. I unfourtnatly had to work with a gay who liked to tell of his excapades there on the weekends.

So back on topic, NO I will not vote for a candidate who caters to any freak small percentage group.
You can also get any drug in any podunk town in Kentucky and I guarantee that Billy Bob will blow you for $5 worth of meth. You've proven nothing.

So back on topic, would you vote for a gay-friendly president that you know would do a better job at turning the economy around or an anti-gay devout Christian who touts increased government spending who would increase our nation's debt?
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