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Originally Posted by RyeBread View Post
I personally think each individual state's electoral vote should be split.

much like how the congress has two houses, the house supposedly for population, and the senate has seats per state.

instead of the state's electoral votes all being based on state popular vote, which gives the majority to population centers (look at this past election's county-based vote) there would be a splitting of the state's electoral votes in part based on each county, or perhaps region, district, or what have you - having some contribution.

the overall state's electoral vote need not change, but the more rural areas are overwhelmed by dense populations voter 'contribution'

(did I adequately dance around the fact that in a divided state like Michigan, that 1/2 million black voters in Detroit was more than enough to gift all of our electoral votes?)

or look at Illinois, basically a republican state if you cut Chicago off from it.
Sounds like a decent idea. If I split it, half would go to overall population vote, the other half would go to majority area (McCain won something like 80%+ of America).


each person can cast the # of votes equal to the # of hours they worked that year. Military service counts as double.
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