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As stated, the electoral college was a solution to the problem of technology that existed 100s of years ago. The problem has been solved, so the EC needs to go. It disenfranchises voters and results in non-representative elections. We elect members of the house and senate by popular vote, why not president?

Apportioning out delegates is a half-measure; the EC is outmoded.

We would still remain a republic; elected officials would still develop and pass legislation instead of everything going to a public vote. We would just ensure tht the executive branch is selected by the electorate directly. It wouldn't have affected either or Obie's elections, the Bush 2000 election would've gone to Gore based on the popular vote instead of the EC vote.

I really don't want more legislation, but reducing the $ spent on elections would reduce the fundraising, influence of lobbyists, and allow alternate parties a fairer chance.

I would extend campaign finance reform to congressional and senate elections: a fixed cost ceiling and requirements that all of the modest funding must come from within the district/state in question.

We also need to take steps to entire the sanctity of primary elections; that idiot from MO who made the comments about rape and "selective pregnancy" was only a candidate because crossed over and voted for the biggest idiot among the four candidates to ensure their candidate had a better path to victory.
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