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Originally Posted by Scott2.0 View Post
Christian fear-mongering at it's finest. "If people act differently than me, society will crumble!" You're advocating nothing more than a conspiracy theory. You do realize that gay marriage has been legal in Canada for over 7 years and they haven't seen a reduction in new births, an increase in gay children nor an overall degradation of society. The general population realizes that your claims are simply not true.
And you are getting your information from a liberal news paper of liberal TV station?
I think if we looked to any european country that has open homosexuality and observe the society as a whole we would see a drastic difference from what it was to what it is now.

Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
and then.....what would you do when he asked you to walk him down the aisle to fullfill his desire to be married to his partner? To provide the same monogomous commitment to his partner has you have to yours? To have a companion for life like you have for yours, what do you do then?

Love the sinner, hate the sin. I would not condon that lifestyle. See you can still love a person but not what they do.

Look I think homosexuality is weird as hell, but its certainly not of any concern to me if they want to commit into a marriage to each other.

As far as kids are concerned, prove it? show me how two dads is worse than none, show me a kid who grew up with two moms who is a detriment to society.....

You're really reaching here dude. I would venture a guess that the percentage of children who grow up in a gay household who turn out to committ suicide, or to be axe murderers, rapists, and career criminials is a lot smaller than the percentage of kids who grow up in a divorced family, normal family, or single parent family.
I did ad a link to a study that was done and.... well read it and see.
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