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Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
Scientific data, not religious data, shows there is no affect on kids being raised by homosexual parents. I'm willing to bet altar boys being groped by priests is more damaging.

Marriage, civil union, domestic's all semantics. If the Reps don't want to support gay "marriage" then support gay "civil unions."

Be pro-life, but give up when life actually happens. The whole life begins at conception thing is BS for two reasons. 1. Sperm is technically living cells. If you are true full on pro-life, beating off in the shower is genocide. 2. Until the fetus can live outside of the womb even with extra medical equipment, it is nothing but a parasite. A fetus can usually survive outside of the womb at 20-23 weeks with medical equipment.
I did find a study that does show children that come from a home with gay parents, male or female shows that kids do better if raised in the home of biological parents.

It is a bit of a long read.

When a dog is pregnant do you say that the dog is carring a fetus? or pregnant with puppies? When a women is pregnant she is having a baby. Why does the doctor tell a pregnant mother to refrain from smoking or drinking or doing drugs? Maybe it will harm the baby. By calling it a fetus you are trying to make the unborn less of a person.Your fetus argument holds no water.

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