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Originally Posted by JohnnyJ View Post
In his final post, I'm right where Scott2.0 is. I can't say I agree with all of the other BS, but this is 100% true in my book:
Originally Posted by JohnnyJ View Post
Like how the religious persecute gays? Like how the religious persecute those that would get an abortion in the case of rape?

That's my rub with organized religion. They scream about anybody that would think to throw stones at their glass house, while they throw them at others.
agree, and agree.

I have no rpoblem with religion, but YOU all must realize at some point that not everyone feels that way, every one will never all feel that same way, and you need to hold your beliefs as you see fit for your family, friends, and fellow church members, but realize that as a nation there are JUST as many other people who do not feel the same as you.

There needs to be a seperation of social, fiscal, and religious issues when voting, unfortunately that is just how it is.
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