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Originally Posted by FORD FLARESIDE View Post
I've said my piece,...........but in an attempt to give you my understanding. I will put it in outline form.
  • you posted in a thread to bully someone you thought wouldn't fight back, or to lure someone in you could dimeaner.

    Bully? I've presented counterpoints. If you can't debate a topic without feeling bullied you may want to stay out of the PGR board.
  • Your general consensus is that all religious people, but mostly Christians are stupid people

    I never said that.
  • You realish the day when this Country decides to shut us up, preferably by kicking religios people out of the Republican party.

    My point is that it will happen on it's own whether I relish the day it does or not. I am a fiscal conservative so I want nothing more than the GOP to succeed. It won't until it separates itself from the religious extremists that would rather destroy the party than compromise. Fiscal conservatism > social issues. That's something the religious far right can't wrap their heads around.
  • you think generations previous to you were not intelligent enough to get it right, therefore only the masses that believe like you know the best for the Country.

    I never said that either. It is a valid point that the newer generations have much greater access to research, technology and science and have a different "normal" than generations of the past. That will change the social landscape whether you're ready for it or not.
  • Your despise for religion blinds your eyesight towards anything the religious does, so you can not see the "good" that has been done in the Republican party.

    Not at all. I previously mentioned the positive traits of Christianity. I did, however, mention that those positives are being grossly overshadowed by those Christians that advocate against what they think is wrong, rather than promoting the positives. That is not the right strategy to promote good and to shed positivity on the group. If Christians want to remain relevant they need a new strategy that revolves around helping and promoting good rather than fighting losing battles on trying to conquer "evil".
I think I have a pretty decent understanding of what you are trying to do. Whatever way you try to hide it in your educated writings, it still can be seen.

Is that good enough?

The difference between you and I, is that I believe we can make things happen to the good if we "All" work together. You seem to want to trim the the edges because for some reason you don't like the taste.

I also want to admit my failure, because I let your school yard tactics "also" suck me into this thread. I apologize for that.

You mean presenting a differing viewpoint?
That was a tough read but I've responded above. Since you don't like the harsh nature of my stance against what you believe, you seem to want to twist my words and have yet to offer a valid counterpoint. I'll standby while you think.
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