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Originally Posted by FORD FLARESIDE View Post
No, I just understand that your entire reason for posting in this thread is to piss-off as many Christians as you can. I don't believe you have posted anything constructive, and for that matter the things that you are accusing others of doing, you are doing yourself, but just dont realize it.
I've said my piece, now go down stairs and wash your hands for breakfast, your mommy has breakfast on the table for you.
Oh you're pissed off? Where in your response is the constructive part? The part about my mommy? That was intelligently thought out. I think my point is very clear. You've yet to defend the fact that we will not see another conservative president unless the Christian extremists are pushed aside. Fortunately, it will happen naturally, since we now have a younger generation that is growing up with technology and science at their fingertips and won't simply follow as sheep without questioning what's truly right and wrong.
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