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Originally Posted by FORD FLARESIDE View Post

I'm dissappointed, you are better then that.

Asking us to give up our Core belief by our own personal Covenant with Christ is like telling you to sit on the couch and eat Ho-ho's all day.
Not even close. Asking you to realize that not everyone believes in the same and not pushing aber style on the rest of the country which is made up of muslims, christians, jews, aethiests, non believers, non give a damners, and whatever other religions are out there means you have to realize you can not have it 100% your way on social issues and the fiscal and business side of the equation is more important to EVERYONE where as the social issues are only important so the well being of certain groups.

Jobs/Economy- In reality this is an issue that affects every single one of us, we pay taxes to support those with out jobs, we collect some sort of unemployment or government assistance when we don't have a job, and some people just don't want a job and will try and leach the best they can, but regardless of where you stand you will benefit one way or another from a country with a strong economy and jobs.

Abortion-In reality this is an issue that will mostly affect only a select few. In a black and white world (let's just think about it this way for half a second) the only people affected by abortion are those parties involved. No matter if the rule is to allow it or not allow it. This should not be how we decide who our leader is.

National Security/Foreign Policy - Again, this affects every single one of us, espescially when our nation is threatened or attacked. IE-911, if you weren't affected or say you weren't you're full of it, AND how we handle those situations is very important.

Gay marriage - This only affects those that are either gay and want to be married/don't want to be married, and those like Aber who think he is gonna catch the coodies.....

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