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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
answers to underlined portions in read.

blah blah blah not doing so good on our pact to not try to jam your 3" god filled cock down everyone's throat are you? You may tickle the sides, but it's never gonna be considered deep throating. Give it a fucking rest. PEOPLE HAVE OTHER BELEIFS THAN YOU AND THAT IS OK!!!

more my god is the only way bullshit...THIS is why our country is currently fucked for the next 4 years, people like you that push others away, or don't even vote because you are so self centered and stuck on your's never going to be perfect, choose a candidate for the best interest of the country and realize that the "melting pot" isn't a christian safe haven, its a country filled with all walks of life and that is what was "supposed" to make it great.

Had he been a bit more nuetral, or, had some of those people realized that the government doesn't need to stick its nose so damn far into social issues.

I'm dissappointed, you are better then that.

Asking us to give up our Core belief by our own personal Covenant with Christ is like telling you to sit on the couch and eat Ho-ho's all day.

You and I have had quite a few talks about this, ...............and I though we had a pretty good understanding of each other. The OP of this thread wanted to swing some e-nads around and he sucked you in hook line and sinker, with Aber1 to help put more controversy out there. This is what the media does to sell news.

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