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Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
I don't really think of it as stagnant thinking. Christians do have values to which we hold as truth. With the group() we tend to choose does lean toward biblcal values. If we did tend to lean left then what would make us any different than ? The do need to do something to attract the moderate/ centrist voter. I don't think leaning left of center is the answer.
Abortion and gay marriage do play a huge part in what society is leaning towards. As a Christian, morally I can't agree to place my suppport behind a party or president that encourages and forces tax payers to foot the bill.
Christianity has been around for more than 2000 years and has been hotly debated, but Christ is not going away. I do not put my faith in any one party but in Jesus Christ. At the end of the day Obama may be president for another 4 years but Christ is still in control.

Yes, and it is about time you guys realize this is not 0012, but in fact 2012. Get with the times just a little bit.

I do know that those topics are hot button issues amongst many in this country but by trying to compete with a liberal by moving from the right towards the left only creates two liberal left leaning parties. I have always said by sitting on the fence and not taking one side or the other creates division. Just my thought.
Division is created by people unwilling to comprimise, people like you on the far right. And people (like mschaffer put it mike sova on the far left). Do you never comprimise with your wife about social issues in the house? Do you never comprimise with your wife about fiscal issues in the house? Or are you going to come back and spew some bullshit that you and your wife agree on everything both socially and fiscally and there is never 1 ounce of disagreement on any single subject ever? Pick your battles, you far right wing nut job christians can't figure out how to do that for the greater good of the Country, you think your way is the only way.

I do disagreee with you about the whole gay marriage thing, It does affect society as a whole. It degrades the family as a whole. Studies have been done on homosexuality in society and how it affects children. Especially when the youth in this country is a target of gay and lesbian groups. They target schools, girl scouts and boy scouts.
Any parent with young children should be watching what is being taught in our schools.blah blah blah

Tell me, how do you view life from a different angle without imposing a different value?
An athiest or a non religious person may look at abortion as its ok its not my daughter and it is none of my business.
Another person will look at abortion as murder. The killing of the unborn.
When the governmen t gets involved of killing babies and forcing tax payers to cover those costs, is that not also imposing thier values on others?
answers to underlined portions in read.

Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
Being a Christian does have a responsibility. That is to inform others when they are sining and we all sin even Christians.
Homosexuality and abortion are sins. They equal in God's eye. no sin is greater than the other. But when people think there is nothing wrong with it because so many people are doing it we should just let them live as they want to. That is why Christians speak out so strongly about these issues. In God's eye no sin is acceptable and when a government makes it law then a nation is under judgement because of it. As believers we can ask for forgiveness and be forgiven but non-believers are not and are condemmed because of it.. That is why Christians are so as you would put it, shoving our religion in your face. Just looking out for your future(eternity) you might say and salvation.
blah blah blah not doing so good on our pact to not try to jam your 3" god filled cock down everyone's throat are you? You may tickle the sides, but it's never gonna be considered deep throating. Give it a fucking rest. PEOPLE HAVE OTHER BELEIFS THAN YOU AND THAT IS OK!!!

Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
I don't know what is better but I do know Who does. It is not my way. It is God's way, He is the boss and made the rules. I just try to follow them. Maybe you can enlighten me as to what your last sentence means? Christianity used to mean something way different, according to who? Your world view or........
I'd really like to know.
more my god is the only way bullshit...THIS is why our country is currently fucked for the next 4 years, people like you that push others away, or don't even vote because you are so self centered and stuck on your's never going to be perfect, choose a candidate for the best interest of the country and realize that the "melting pot" isn't a christian safe haven, its a country filled with all walks of life and that is what was "supposed" to make it great.

Originally Posted by Scott2.0 View Post
I believe most people are fiscally conservative. No one encourages frivolous spending. Romney lost votes due to social issues plain and simple. Did the media further peoples' concerns? Sure. Had Romney not identified himself as an enemy of women's rights and marriage equality, especially by throwing Paul into the mix, he would have won. The election was close. He didn't need to win over a lot more people to have taken it. There would have been enough people that voted on social issues that may have taken Romney, had he been a bit more neutral on those issues, that he would have won.
Had he been a bit more nuetral, or, had some of those people realized that the government doesn't need to stick its nose so damn far into social issues.
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