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Originally Posted by Scott2.0 View Post
It's God's word according to you. To me, God may mean something differently or I may interpret his word differently. A quick Google search (I am anything but a religion scholar) revealed that self-righteousness is also a sin. So now, two wrongs make a right?

The second part is my opinion. Growing up, being a Christian was about helping others in need, being a positive person and treating others with respect. Today, it seems it's more about telling others they're not acting how one sees they should be, about being spiteful, controlling and overbearing. It seems today's Christians focus more on what is being done wrong (in their opinion) than promoting good. I realize there are still Christians who don't try to control others, but sadly they seem to be the minority. It's become a very divisive group when in reality, I believe it should be something that unifies.
One thing comes to mind, love the sinner, hate the sin.
I'm thinking if a person truly cares about his friends they would not want them to continue down the wrong path. Is it not right to tell others they are going the wrong way?
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